Well, they deserve it. Right?

Anyhow, first this little piece of women-news. The Moroccan government is going to create a council (the 637438th one) to discuss the situation of Moroccan women abroad.
According to Magharebia.com "Moroccan officials want to learn about the real needs of migrant women in order to help improve their day-to-day lives. Although their situation has improved over the years, the reality of life in their host countries can still sometimes fall short of their expectations."
I mean now the position of the Moroccan women in Morocco is 100% super and ok, its now time for the Moroccan women abroad......
Another goal of the council was the creation of the, already mythical, Council of Moroccans Living Abroad.
This is going to be council number 637439. The 14759th and the 548976th council share the same goal and are also working on the creation of council 637439.
I predict that the three councils are going to merge and form the 174th supercouncil that will preside over the creation of the 637439th council. But we need another council for that, to see who's going to be a member of the supercouncil.

The other news article is about the value of Moroccan female labour in the eyes of the European governments. The value tends to rise when the Moroccan women have children.
The Spanish are recruiting Moroccan mothers to work as temporarily labourers in Spain. They get a contract for a couple of months, earn money in Spain and go back to Morocco. (because they will miss their children and stuff)
This is a new kind of migration, called "ethical migration". The term is coined by Socialist mayor Millán, who says "Immigration is the foundation of development, when they return they will take not only money but a lot of education."


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