Yet another music tip

And this time its Patrick Wolf!

I'm a sucker for sexually ambiguous musicians and their music.
His latest album, The Magic Position, just makes me spring-happy!
It's a bit dark, colourful, a bit queerlicious and the lyrics are just *wow*



  1. eatbees said...
    Maybe this guy isn't queer, he just likes giraffes and deer?


    Is anyone in Europe aware of the controversy on American Idol this year over Sanjaya, another sexually ambigious hottie (and brown person)?

    There are people who think that if Sanjaya wins American Idol, it will destroy American credibility in the world and make Iran and North Korea laugh at us. That's wrong on so many levels, I don't know where to begin.

    I think you will love Sanjaya. Here is is singing with his church choir before he got on American Idol:

    Here he the sequence where he made a little girl cry:

    And here is his last perfomance, where he invented a new hairstyle called the "ponyhawk":
    BO18 said...
    Oh Sanjaya is sooo cool!

    American Idol is being broadcasted here in the UK as well and I always have to watch Sanjaya.
    Seriously, he is a supahstar in the making!

    But I root for the black girl without the neck. ( I forgot her name)
    Sanjaya can come in 2nd and be the new Clay Aiken!

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