Sometimes, somehow I get this craving for Moroccan food/products.
I think that my parents implanted me with this chip that activates my cravings once every month or so.

So in order to relieve myself a bit from these cravings, I decided to share it with you.
OK, most of the following products aren't exactly Moroccan products, as in manufactured and owned by Moroccan companies.
But they are being sold everywhere in Morocco and are part of my MSFD (Moroccan-Summer Food Diet)

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First is Sidi Ali! It could've been easy Sidi Harazem, I really don't taste the difference. But the logo of Sidi Ali is aesthetically more pleasing.

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And then we have Kiri!
Mmmm. Kiri is/was the most convenient beach-food! (if it didn't melt in our bags that is)
And somehow, it was also the main food product if you were sick. Kiri, Sidi Ali and chorba (soup), for a healthy living.

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Another favorite beachfood was bocadillo. (we always stayed in Tetouan or Cabo Negro, hence the spanish products)
Especially the ones where they chucked everything in. Chicken, fries, peppers, sardines, olives, lemon, all in 1 sandwich! And sometimes it had a little bit of sand in it!

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Oh and Tide! Ok you can't actually eat this and you can buy it practically everywhere (except most European countries) but the Tide-commercials were Morocco at its best! They were so cheesy and if we were bored we used to make our own Tide-commercials
And they used Tide for doing the dishes, laundry, cleaning the windows, washing their hands and even their hair!(in rural areas that is)

And of this one I couldn't find any pictures on the net. But it's a big chocolate bar called Maruja (I think it was Spanish). It was wrapped in red paper and Maruja was wriiten in white golden borders. It was filled with nuts and sooo delicious!

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Cola Cao! The chocolate drink. Oh that was so unhealthy yet so delicious and addictive. (just grab a spoon and start eating the powder)

So thats it for now. Water and bread is waiting for me on the kitchen table


  1. tsedek said...
    2nite i had some 'la marocaine' sardines made in agadir with hebrew writing on the packing :)
    taamarbuuta said...
    Once I saw a man sending a giant box of Merendina to some Moroccan girl in Europe. Also, I think I'd miss the giant cans labeled "tunny fish."

    Yesterday my husband and I were at Marjane, and he was telling me about how people wash their hair with Tide - that's so funny that you mentioned it just today!
    BO18 said...
    @ Tsedek

    How multicultural:P

    @ Taamarbuuta

    What is Merendina? I never heard of it:S
    (how I long for Marjane btw)
    xoussef said...
    xoussef said...
    Anonymous said...
    I love everything Moroccan! The music, the decor, it is all so beautiful.

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