Dutch MRE's and politicians

In the Netherlands Dutch politicians have been having heavy debates on the position of Turkish and Moroccan MP's and cabinet-members.

In one of my previous posts I mentioned that the current government has 2 junior-members, Ahmed Aboutaleb and Nebahat Albayrak.
Dutch (far)-rightist politician Geert Wilders demands their resignation because both of them still have a dual nationality.
People tended to concentrate on the Turkish politicians, since the Turkish state does give its citizens the right to revoke their nationality.
So Aboutaleb and the Moroccan politicians were kind of excused and people demanded the head of Albayrak and the other Turks.

But that áll changed now. Dutch radio-station Wereldomroep found out that a Moroccan MP, Khadija Arib, is holding a position in the CCDH (Conseil Consultatif des droits de l'Homme). A body created and appointed by the King himself. The aim is to strengthen the (political) ties between Morocco and the MRE's
A very weird position for Khadija Arib since the Dutch state repeatedly showed us that they aim at the opposite, a weakening of the political ties between Morocco and the MRE's.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.
People claim that this is treason, espionage and illegal.
Khadija Arib replies with this "I'm not loyal to Morocco, I'm not loyal to the Netherlands, I'm loyal to my own principles, human rights and women rights"

Well frankly, I don't care who she's loyal to. I just care about the state of her brains!
Khadija Arib is supposed to be one of the most experienced Moroccan-Dutch politicians. One of the best-dressed and one of the most admired.
How could she not realize that accepting a position within the CCDH would mean that rightist politicians will demand her head and that of the other Moroccan-Dutch politicians.
How could she risk the achievements of the Dutch-Moroccan politicians?
We're living in a time were politicians claim that "the Islamic tsunami has reached the government" when we appoint two secular, wine-drinking muslim politicians to the government.
She could've been more careful.

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(Khadija Arib during a meeting of the committee. She's the the second from left. Well she's the only woman on the picture)


  1. xoussef said...
    i don't realy see where is the problem? CCDH is a consultative council, she is not working for the gov and she is not elected. she is there as an expert, not a polititian.
    it is the same thing as if she was teaching in university or working for a moroccan company!
    and according to the nationality code, you can ask for your nationality to be (canceled/delated/i dunno what is the word to use here), in chapter IV section1 article 19. but it must be by a decree signed by the king and, i have been said, after a long procedure.
    i don't know how to procede exactly to procede but there is a posibility to do that.
    tsedek said...
    She should not have said she's not loyal to the Netherlands, but for the rest? I think it's very good to stay faithful to your own principles.

    BO18 said...
    @ Xoussef

    The problem is that she's appointed by another head of state and as a member of the council she also has to report to another head of state.
    At the same time she is a Dutch MP, as position whereby you work for the dutch public and queen.
    This is what the Dutch agonize against.

    @ Tsedek

    She should have said nothing actually.
    But there is an inquiry coming up now. We'll wait and see

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