Ok, this is very strange.

In an interview with the liberal Berber website "Tamazgha," Mustapha Berhouchi, president of the TADA umbrella group of Moroccan Berber organizations, said that the Berbers need a state of their own: "In a world where a fanatical Islam is looking to acquire nuclear capabilities, and faced with Europe's hypocritical attitude, the Imazighen (i.e. Berbers), if they want to continue to exist as a people, have no choice but to acquire a state."

In a separate statement, the CNCCOT, a Moroccan organization demanding official status for the Berber language in Morocco, called for a new secular and democratic constitution, guarantees of freedom of expression, and an end to Morocco's membership in the Arab League: "The Moroccan authorities' membership in illusory, phantom organizations like the Arab League is nothing but a waste of time and money… We demand that Morocco withdraw from the Arab League and from all the racist organizations of which it is a member."

They're probably just a splinter-group of something right? I can't imagine a large, umbrella-group to make a statement like this. Especially not in these times.
Does anyone know more?

The statements in French:

TADA Statement
CNCCOT -statement


  1. myrtus said...
    Strange indeed! The Arab league is a joke yes, I wouldn't mind it one bit if Morocco disconnected from it, but an independent Berber state is the most ridiculous thing I've heard in a long time.
    xoussef said...
    they are realy marginal.You need to be realy ignorant and stupid or simply racist to think like that.
    Anyone who bother to read a bit about moroccan tribes knows that many arab tribes settling among Amazigh ended speaking an amazigh dialect and other amazigh tribes are now arab speaking poeple.
    and what about a 3/4 berber like me, maybe i must go to egypt becase my father ancestors came from there 500 years ago?!
    again it's all about identity -__-

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