Laila Lalami & Marvin Howe

Ooh, I'm so excited!

I just ordered books from Amazon for the first time! I actually feel very dirty now. You see, I got this phobia when it comes to online shopping.
I love bookstores and every weekend I go through the shelfs of Waterstone's or Foyles (the largest bookstores in London), usually leaving with a book or two. It is comfortable, you can skim through the books and you can smell the books ( I got this tic that I have to smell a book a couple of times before actually buying it)

So I felt like I betrayed my dearest habit when I ordered "Hope & Other Dangerous Pursuits" of Laila Lalami and "Morocco: the islamist awakening and other challenges" of Marvine Howe.
But I'm so excited now, I might harass the receptionist/night guard downstairs continuously to see if the books already arrived.

I hope the books smell nice!


  1. taamarbuuta said...
    Weird, I just ordered those two books as well (although I did first e-mail Laila Lalami and ask her if she had any copies in Morocco with her!)
    BO18 said...
    You see, I thought I felt an online connection with someone when I placed the order:P
    So it was you!

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