According to New York Magazine, London is supposed to be the capital of the world.

The city is young, there are a lot of immigrants/expats, financial services are booming and the culture scene is impressive.

According to the magazine it comes down to this "In short, New York is cardiganed Woody Allen and London is party-dressed Lily Allen."

The skyline of London (some buildings still have to be realized)

Well that's very, very nice. I mean living in a world capital, only 10million others can say that!

But its not all glamour, party and Lilly Allen. It's tough, tough I tell you!

I have to move out in 2 months (2nd of June) and so I have to find a new apartment. And that proofs to be really difficult.

I did some viewing today and it was really disappointing. One apartment looked downright infested with I dont know what. The other one wasn't even in London I think.

I don't have a lot of wishes, I'm very easy. But I don't want to travel 1 hour or more. It's time-consuming, really expensive and smelly (the tube here is disgusting!)

But it just looks like that I have to settle with a shabby apartment somewhere in a shabby suburb, travelling in a shabby transport-system.

"Party-dressed Lily Allen" my *ss!

The already legendary NY vs London issue of NY Mag:


  1. Mariam said...
    I seriously wish you all the luck!
    Harissa said...
    House-hunting in NYC is even worse I think.
    So London wins again

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