In this post I blogged about the big chances of Dutch-moroccan politician to become the first ever Moroccan, immigrant, muslim member of the Dutch government.

Today came the little disappointment. The new government is 100% white and if it wasn't for the social-democrats and the liberal part of the christian-democrats, the government would be 100% old white male.

Ahmed Aboutaleb didn't make it, instead he got a post of a junior-minister in the Department of Social Affairs & Employment.
Turkish politician Nebahat Albayrak got the post of a junior minister in the Department of Justice

Actually I should be happy. I always complained that the elected Dutch government didn't reflect the population. They were all "white" and more than 10% of the Dutch is of an ethnic minority. There are a lot of capable, intelligent politicans out there but they didn't seem to make it to the top.
I always wanted to see muslims in our government. For 2 reasons.
To shut up those ignorant, selfhating muslims who always complain that nobody takes them seriously. And to shut up those ignorant, selfhating farmers who always complain that muslims are anti-democracry and are here to destroy the Netherlands.
To add some speculation, according to a poll (link in Dutch) conducted under members of the ChristianUnion (one of the governing parties), most of the party-members are against nomination of a muslim as a government-member.

This time a Turkish and a Moroccan politician are member of the government. And both are in departments in their field of expertise.
But its still a little disappointment that "my" Ahmed didn't make it as minister, so maybe better next time.

Nebahat Albayrak & Ahmed Aboutaleb, aren't they beautiful? ;)


  1. xoussef said...
    xI ma sedqatch! next time they will make it, i hope :)
    BO18 said...
    Welcome Xoussef!
    Thanx for your comment.

    And indeed, next they will make it. I'm sure of it.
    Besides Aboutaleb,w e also have 3 moroccan MP's. Khadija Arib, Naima Azough and Samira Bouchibti

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