At least in Holland.

The Christian-Democrats (CDA), Christian Union (CU) and the Labour Party (PvdA) announced this week that they're were forming a coalition and a new government.

We'll have to wait till the 18th of February to see what the composition of this new government will be like.
But one thing is almost for sure, this new government will probably include a politician of Moroccan origin. For the first time in history.

Ahmed Aboutaleb, a member of the Labour Party, is a prominent candidate for the post of Education Minister, Integration/Urban Policy Minister or Minister of Social Welfare.
Born in Beni Sidel (Rif) as son of an imam, this politician grew to be a popular one amongst the "native" Dutch and the immigrants. Something quite remarkable in Holland.
He's tough on integration (face-veil = no social welfare) and on Islamic radicals but he does know what he's doing and saying. (unlike our present Integration Minister)

But nothing is sure yet. The coalition-parties still have a week to bitch-slap each other on the nominations. So lets wait and hope that Aboutaleb will make it through.


  1. Myrtus said...
    Aboutaleb is a good guy, I'm so proud of him. There have been only a few instancies where I disagreed with his MO, mostly had to do with the confrontational way he dealt with some of his colleagues to get the job done. Sometimes he lacks the diplomacy that I desire in a good politician, but I figure I don't have to stand in his shoes, so I watch and listen. I'd vote for him in a heart beat. (:
    BO18 said...
    Oeh I just love his direct and rude approach.
    He kind of wakes everybody up from time to time.
    Diplomacy and Dutch politicians aren't always a good team. Before you know it, we're back to that everlasting "poldermodel" ;)

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