London Thursday

Wow, 4 posts in a day. Must be a record for me!

Anyhow, todays London photo is a photo of a door. Yes a door. It is a door of one of my uni buildings.
And I actually do live in this particular building.
Isn't it a beautiful door?

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  1. Myrtus said...
    Lovely! (:

    BTW what do they feed you over there? What do the British eat I wonder. Here it's mostly burgers, pizza and all kinds of pasta. bleh
    BO18 said...
    The British are very fond of beans!
    Seriously, I share my kitchen with 7 other people. 3 of them are British and they eat beans on toast with cheddar cheese!
    Its seriously disgusting.
    And their cakes have weird names. I bought mince pies assuming there was mince meat in it. But there is no mince whatsoever! It was filled with blueberries.
    But the whole restaurant-scene and takeaway-scene here is dominated by Indian cuisine.
    Everybody eats curry or tikka masala. They're not even real Indian recipes. They were made especially for the british.
    Just like bami and nasi in Holland.

    So I'm very glad that I didnt get a room in a catered hall.
    I'm in a self-catering hall. So I just eat pasta, couscous (once a week) and lebanese take-away.
    tsedek said...
    Aren't u participating at the forum? (
    BO18 said...
    Hi Tsedek,

    No I dont particpate at
    At least not for a couple of years now.

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