Air Mauritanie hijack - Part 2

Last night I posted about the hijack of an Air Mauritanie plane.
Some newsagencies reported that the lone hijacker was Moroccan, while others mentioned his nationality as Mauretanian.

Today it came out that it was a Moroccan from the Western Sahara. He lived in Mauretania for a couple of months before deciding to hijack his way to France.
The hijacker wanted to immigrate to France. He applied for a visum but he got rejected a couple of times.
Some people decide to take a crappy boat to reach Europe. This guy took an airplane.
Illegal immigration revisited!

Or did he want to go to France for political reasons? I mean it ís Western Sahara. It wouldn't be that a surprise.
The hijacker requested a stop in Morocco-controlled Western Sahara but the Moroccan authorities refused, saying they didn't know the plane was hijacked!
Something smells fishy here, dont you think?


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