Moroccan take-away in London

OK, the following may make you sick. So don't say I didn't warn you.

Today, on my home from work, I decided to buy Moroccan food from a Moroccan/North African take-away.
I was too lazy to cook and I desperately needed some nice, sweet Moroccan dish.
A friend, who is Iranian, gave me the address and phone-number of a Moroccan cafe/restaurant.
So I went and ordered some food. The menu looked normal, tajine, couscous, roasted chicken with almonds, briouat etc. etc.
There was only 1 dish that I never heard of before and that was traditional Moroccan rice with mushrooms....

And because I'm always adventurous, and like to go where no moron has gone before, I decided to order the rice dish and some chicken-briouat and kefta-briouat.
It was all wrapped up beautifully and I thought it smelled nice. And then I came home and sat down to eat it......

Here is how it looked like:

The briouat were disgusting. I didn't taste the chicken, I did see it but I couldn't taste it. The spices definitely didn't taste Moroccan.
The kefta-briouat (the square ones) were even more disgusting. It was all dry and flavourless.
But still, you could consider the briouats as Moroccan.

But the "rice"-dish! First of all, it wasn't rice! It was risotto! And the mushrooms were like those cheap mushrooms from the supermarket. The only spices used were salt and pepper! Seriously....
A close-up of the "rice"-dish

Do I need to say more? Does it even look Moroccan?
And this is supposed to be prepared by Moroccans.
I did eat it though, I mean I paid for it.

The funny thing is, there is another Moroccan take-away in Camden-market. Owned and managed by Malaysians and their Moroccan food was delicious!
Malaysians are the new Moroccans.


  1. xoussef said...
    you need baraka in your hands to cook good moroccan food, you don't have to be moroccan for that. take me for example, i even succeed to make Atay look (and taste) poisonous...
    tsedek said...
    The Malaysians are the new ..everbody'.. :D

    I can't believe you ate this :(
    Myrtus said...
    eeew sounds and looks disgusting. I admire your guts though BO, I mean come on, you should have known mushrooms and Moroccan food don't exactly go together.LOL
    BTW do you know how we call mushrooms in Berber?
    BO18 said...
    @ Xoussef

    Baraka? Do I have baraka because my couscous and beghrir are the best!:P

    @ Myrtus and Tsedek

    I honestly eat everything. My nickname here is the human waste-bin. When somebody gets disgusted by his/hers own food, I proudly volunteer to eat it!

    But how do you call mushrooms in Berber?
    Myrtus said...
    We call them "dog farts". :D

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