They're like cockroaches.

2 suicide-bombers have sent themselves to hell today after exploding in the center of Casablanca.
According to the police there were no other casualties.

I have to say that I'm happy that Moroccans are such amateurs in suicide-attacks.
Lets keep them that way.

Update: According to Aljazeera, the bombers blew themselves up to hell close to the American Cultural Center.


  1. taamarbuuta said...
    Cockroaches or lemmings. Perfect terms.
    Hannibal said...
    I am still shocked and bewildered why these two brothers blew themselves up in the street? what was the target? what was going on in their minds? did they win something by their coward action??why kill onself in such a horrible and despicable manner?? do they think themselves martyrs? nah they were totally wrong they left a family that will grief them for years to come and above all they deserve God's ire! ya allah is life such an insignificant thing that one kills himself in such a way????
    eatbees said...
    Among anarchists a century ago, it used to be that terrorists would blow themselves up while targeting powerful people, like the Czar or a major industrialist. Then it became hard to reach those people, so they started blowing up minor officials and soldiers. Then they decided to attack ordinary people on buses, in pizza parlors and so forth. I think we can see the trend. Even so, the militants usually tried to survive the bombing, so they could live to kill another day. Now they are blowing themselves up in an empty street as some kind of existential gesture? Is this what we mean by "blad skizo"? The terrorist and his enemy are the same person? I think they've lost any clue about what this is supposed to be about, or there's something in their DNA that turns them into a cockroach that eats itself. This is the sorriest, most clueless, bottom rung of terrorists imaginable. The bright side to this is, who would ever want to follow in their footsteps?
    BO18 said...
    Well Eatbees,

    to be honest, I don't see a bright side to this.
    I think a lot would want to follow them in their footsteps. (especially estranged Moroccan youth in Europe)

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