I always had and have a high regard of Spain. Barcelona, liberal, tapas, gaymarriage and shellshocked catholics.

But this little newsfact kind of disturbs me. According to Reuters, the Spanish parliament rejected a debate about the use of chemical weapons during its occupation of Northern Morocco in the 1920s
Spain frequently used chemical weapons on both civilian and troop targets, killing many.

I always assumed that the Spanish government accepted and recognized the fact that it did use chemical weapons during the colonial wars.
But apparently Spain is still in a state of denial.
The Catalan party Esquerra Republicana proposed the motion to debate the issue. Saying that "the simple fact that it has been discussed in parliament for the first time is already a victory"

Actually its not that a surprise that Spain still didn't debate this issue.
Especially when you consider that the country has only been functioning normally for about 25 years.
It took other countries, in similar situations, even longer to recognize their dark past.
The fact that a Spanish party dared to question Spain's slightly distorted view of history is a major step.


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