The Russians are coming!

According to MoroccoSavvy, there are rumours that Morocco's national carrier is opening up a route between Agadir and Moscow.

After some googling, I found out that Morocco is one of the rivals of Turkey as main destination for Russian tourists.

I have only one thing to say about this. Salary raise for the people working in the hotels that are about to cater to Russian tourists!
If Morocco is going to receive the same sort of Russian tourists that are visiting Turkey, then may God be with them!
Maybe a bit prejudiced, but I experienced my share of Russian tourists on cheap summer holidays.
Say goodbye to the buffet, a clean swimming pool and decent hotel rooms. Say hello to chaos, loud Russian music, violence and excessive alcoholism.
I know that it is a stereotype and that wealthy Russian tourist are not like this at all.
But in Turkey, Russian tourists are considered a real hazard.

The behaviour of the ordinary Russian tourist has led to the rise of "Russian-free" Turkey-holidays for Western-European tourists. (Link is in Dutch. Summary: Tour-operators Ten-Tours, Annasol and Corendon are starting a Russian-free allin-package holidayservice to Turkey)
Maybe an idea for in the future?


  1. My Marrakech said...
    Eeek, let's hope you have no Russians lurking on your blog....Just in case, avoid dark alleys....:-)
    BO18 said...
    Haha, thanks for the tip! ;)
    I actually share my kitchen with a Russian girl.
    And she almost lives up to the stereotype.

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