Its London Thursday

I'm back. Still no job (working on that), papers almost done and a ₤2000 deficit in my society's budget which we need to solve in 4 weeks time.
But I still love London.

Today a picture of the view from my (only) window. I live in the center of London, walking distance from the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace ( its exactly 4.25min to Parliament and 3.45min to Buckingham Palace, according to my homemade London-planner)
So you would expect that my view would be fabulous. Old jewels or new modern glass buildings.
Well guess again!
(warning: lousy 640*480px shots)

I dont even know what the building is for! It looks like some kind of factory, but at the moment its only being used by fat pidgeons.
Around the corner (its too cold to hang out of the window and make a picture of that) you have an office building and that most be the ugliest office building I've ever seen in my life.
I get depressed just looking at it.
Well only 4 more months (maybe even less) and then I'm out of here.

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  1. Kenza said...
    I love london too
    maybe one day I will decide to live there, I d love to actually.
    I'll probably go on a visit on april, I am looking forward to it...

    thanks fot the visit

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