On a personal note

Today I woke up to be a very happy and lucky person!

I got accepted for a course that I really wanted to enter (last year I didn't get accepted)
So starting next year I'll be studying Peace&Conflict-studies! Woehoe!
I'm just waiting for another application at another university for a similar course. If I get accepted for that one I'll have a hard time deciding which one I'll attend. Oh luxury-problems.....

Another reason for me to be happy is that today I finally got a decent job! And I seriously believe that I got the job because I talked about the style-goddess Farah Diba. The person interviewing me was a really nice Persian girl.

But I'm in no party-mood. Egyptian blogger Abdel Kareem got jailed today for 4 years for voicing his opinion on the old men of Azhar and Mubarak.
This just shows us that the Middle East is still behind on nearly every aspect of human rights and free speech.
A sad day for the bloggers of Egypt and blogging Middle East and North-Africa.

Free Kareem!


  1. xoussef said...
    congratulations ^^!!!

    but weah, it's a sad day for freedom of expression....
    tsedek said...

    I was expecting such judgment. They're making an example out of him to scare other bloggers off... I just knew it.
    BO18 said...
    @ Tsedek en Xoussef.

    Thank you!

    And its indeed also a sad day for freedom of expression.
    The whole case and court handling were a circus.

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