Google Earth in Morocco

I was just reading this article on BBC about the art of story-telling in Morocco and how it was disappearing.
Most young Moroccans don't care anymore about story-telling, they just love all those south-american telenovellas like the one of Maria-Guadaloupe! She was so cool!
A couple of summers ago when I went to Morocco all the market-ladies were selling t-shirts with the imprint of Guadaloupe's face on it!

Anyway, the BBC-article ends with saying that the Moroccan government blocked Google Earth in Morocco!
I know this happened in Bahrain but I never heard of a block in Morocco.
I tried googling it but couldn't find anything.
Does somebody know more?
And it is blocked in Morocco right? So that means that the maps of the palaces are not blurred? Its just that the whole device is blocked but the maps are still normal and there?

Oh oops, I couldn't find anything on Google because I misspelled Morocco.....
Anyway lets change the subject quickly, can somebody tell me where all the palaces are located? I know in which cities but where exactly?


  1. tsedek said...
    Hahahahaa... you're funny :)
    Doesn't google correct you when you misspell a word? Mine asks "do you mean ..." and then I go "oh yeah!!"


    I have no google earth (too heavy on my pc) so can't help you, but if you ever wanna change the subject LOL -

    I got a nice story about a Moroccan in Tel-Aviv ;)
    taamarbuuta said...
    It isn't completely blocked in Morocco. I'd heard that same thing about six months ago when I was visiting my family in the US (and I use Google Earth with to pinpoint my photographs), but when I came back to Morocco it was fine.

    Since Google Earth is an .exe file, I don't see why it wouldn't work in Morocco - I'm downloading the new version right now just so I can check for you, but I can tell you that the stuff available on the internet (like my photo maps) work just fine. I'll update when I get the program open.

    p.s. Where are the palaces? The ones I know of: Skhirate, M'Diq, Meknes, Ifrane, Marrakech, Fez.
    taamarbuuta said...
    I have new information!

    Google Maps works fine - that's the web-based free version.

    Google Earth does not, in fact, work in Morocco anymore. SUCKS! I really hate this government, and I seriously hope they're web-stalking me so they know that :)
    xoussef said...
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    xoussef said...
    i never used google earth so i don't know what it's like.. is it like ?
    to find the palaces, just search the word "palais"...
    Anonymous said...
    Please take a look at these posts:

    Read from bottom.
    BO18 said...
    @ Tsedek

    Yeah Google corrects it, but I usually scroll too quick to the bottom or middle of the page. So I dont see the corrections...I've got to stop that.

    That story on Israellycool? I read it yesterday and it made me so happy!
    Expect a post about it soon (tonight or in a couple of minutes ;))

    Btw, to change the subject. Do you speak Dutch?:P
    BO18 said...
    @ Taamarbuuta

    Thanks for the checking! Really appreciate it.
    Btw, I didnt know that he had a palace in M'diq!
    We used to live in Tetouan and my aunts all had summer-houses in Cabo and M'diq.
    But I thought he just occupied the whole of the Kabilah-resort.
    I hated that because Kabilah had the best club and pool!
    But did he now build a palace in the meantime?

    @ Xoussef

    Hello again!
    Yeah Google Earth is a program (of Google of course) its not web-based like Wikimapia. You actually have to install it.
    Its very cool and addictive.
    But I will try looking on Palais. I did find the one in Rabat though, but the images weren't that good.

    @ Anonymous

    Thanks for the link. I will go and read the posts.
    tsedek said...
    Hahahaa... somebody already picked that story up, hey! :D

    Yep, I speak Dutch - you too no?
    BO18 said...
    Well yeah, I'm not really that good in keeping time and appointments.
    I think thats the last bit of the Moroccan in me. Mañana, Mañana or ghaddah inshallah.
    But I'll still write a post on it. Just to express my hope for normalized relations between Israel and Morocco.

    Ja, ik ook. Ik vroeg het me alleen maar af:P

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