Music: The Gossip

This is a partial personal blog.
That doesnt mean though that I'm gonna blog about my (non-existent) love-life.
It does mean that I'm gonna bombard you sometimes with my music-addiction and other stuff.
Like now.

Ever wondered how indie rock and the voice of a Arkansas-lesbian with armpit hair and a transgender as fiancee sounds like?
Well download the Gossip. Its superb!
Beth Ditto, the vocalist, has one of the best voices in that whole indie-sphere. And the lyrics are super.
Especially "Standing in the way of control". One of their biggest mainstream hits ( ok, ok their only one) and a song written as a response after the US government decided to deny gays the right to marry.
But other songs like Listen up and Coal to Diamonds are very good as well.
Just download it.

So that was one of the "BO18's music bombardments" . See you next time!


  1. tsedek said...
    How do you define Indie-rock? Sounds like punk to me... but am willing to learn.
    BO18 said...
    Ah well, I kind of define it by its appearance on stage ;) ( I know that that is not a good thing to judge by but its usually correct)
    And besides that, they're also called post-punk. Like Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand.

    I first called it queercore but judging by how they play and their other albums its more indie then queercore.
    And to be honest, I'm also a slave of NME music magazine.
    If they define it as "indie rock" I follow. ;)
    BO18 said...
    Oh oeps, wasn't done yet.

    I do know that if there are some Britpop-influences (like in this album) that you then cant call it punk.
    tsedek said...
    i just wrote a comment and it's gone? 0_0
    tsedek said...
    Halas, again:

    I wrote:

    thank you ;)
    and that I'm not that good in recognizing styles if they're not very obvious, so this helped.
    BO18 said...
    Oh, I think your comment disappearing has something to do with me trying to install (without succes) another comment-system.
    Sorry for that!!

    And, you're welcome! ;)
    tsedek said...
    Really? Taht's good. Because with just clicking on 'comments' I can't open the comment section. I have to go to 'properties' and copy and paste it in a separate adress bar opening a new screen for it.
    (just so you know, LOL)

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