I got some emails and comments about my comment-section here.

Most people think that the comment-section doesnt work because they dont see anything appear when they click on "comments"
I just wanted to say that when you click on "comments" that the comments wont appear in a new window or new page.
Instead they will appear at the end of the post. So you have to scroll down a bit.
After you did this a "Post a comment"-link will appear under the existing comments (or immediately if there are no comments). If you click on this "Post a comment"-link a new window will appear where you can verbally harass me.

Please tell me if there are still problems.
I'm trying to install the Haloscan-comment thingy but it doesnt work. So I'm stuck with this.


  1. tsedek said...
    Whahahaa - couldn't you just write you fixed it LOL

    I feel especially dumb now, hahaha...
    BO18 said...
    Hahaha oeps:P

    Next time I'll be more careful with what I write;)

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