Too many booktips!

Thanks everybody for all the tips!

Today I went to the book-market and the little book-quarter of London and bought some of the titles.
The other titles have to wait for my next pay-check!
So next on my reading list are "Black Book" of Orhan Pamuk (thanks Eatbees!). I always wanted to read that book, as my introduction to Turkey and Turkish writers. My neighbour (and future flatmate) has the book as well, and according to her its superb.
After Black Book its time for the "Ground beneath her feet" (thanks Taamarbuuta and Hannibal!)
And after that its time for James Martin's "Push not the river" (thanks Myrtus!)
My neighbour has all the books of Amine Maalouf, so I didn't have to buy those (but thanks Larbi!)

Eatbees, asked why I don't go to the book-stores here in London and get seduced by the books.
Well, I've been seduced one too many times. Books used to be one of my biggest expenses until my friends put a stop to it:P
Seriously, when I just wander in a bookshop, I end up leaving with too many books and paying too much money, ending up eating macaroni with cheese for the rest of the month.
And I have to be extra careful because I'm moving again in less than 2 months time. I don't want to create more hassle. (imagine that I still have 18kilos of books in Amsterdam, waiting to be moved to London. I take 5 kilos back with me to London every-time I visit Amsterdam)

Anyway, shokran for all the tips!


  1. Hannibal said...
    @Bo18: it's my pleasure!:)
    eatbees said...
    If you bought books printed with soy ink on rice paper, you could eat them after you're done reading! A nice variation from macaroni and cheese, plus, no books to carry when you move!
    BO18 said...
    Hahaha, you're a genius eatbees!

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