Foreign Policy and Gallup World Poll published a survey about Britishness and
attitudes towards the state among London Muslims and the British public in general.

It turns out that both share a lot of views and agree on most of the current issues about multiculturalism, integration and identity.
You can read and see the data here

The surprising results of the poll shows us that the supposed clash of cultures between Muslims and non-Muslims isn't really that big and that it revolves around minor issues (if you can call the veil-issue a minor issue of course).
The violent, little minority of extremists (the right-wing BNP and self-exploding Muslims) are an exception

Beyond the Veil-poll

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Per the photo, it's nice to see Muslims trying to integrate into their host society instead of Islamicizing them overtly or by stealth. My hometown of Minneapolis (Minnesota, USA) has a sizable population of Somalis, and there are some who work in cashiering jobs in grocery stores who refuse to touch pork products. There are some Somali taxi drivers who refuse to carry people that are carrying alcohol or have pets with them. They cite some random Islamic principle (sharia law, maybe?) and demand special treatment. It's not a very good way to befriend the locals.

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