Gay-marriage in Meknes

Well according to As-Sabah that is.

2 men held a traditional marriage-ceremony at the tomb(?) of Sidi Ali bin Hamdoush. Complete with henna-ritual, dades and ululation (that has to be the funniest word ever btw).
I bet you 2 takshitas that the story isn't true or that its exaggerated.

The article is in pdf-format and there is no direct link to it.
But I did manage to make a screencapture of the first part of the article.
I love the main picture btw. A feminine gay ( I assume) in a market. Nothing to do with the actual marriage but good enough to enforce the stereotype. Long live Moroccan journalism

Update: I think I'm a bit sloooooooow today. There is of course a direct link to the 1st page of the newspaper (otherwise I couldn't make the screencapture, duh!)
Here it is: Link (PDF!)


  1. xoussef said...
    I will not rely on Assabah for anything, especially not for that kind of *news*. That paper is certainly not utterly homophobic as Attajdid, but it's not the first time they use that kind of disgusting articles, and won't be the last i fear. First of all this is not a gay marriage, there is no gay marriage in Morocco, this is not much more than a ceremony. Linking that, if it really happened, to a saint tomb and religion in an attempt to make it look worst is disgusting.
    taamarbuuta said...
    It was a faux marriage ceremony at the Sidi Ali Moussem (confirms my husband) - apparently this, as well as glass-eating and all sorts of other things, take place there every year.

    Should be a saint's festival, rather, people gamble under tents and whatnot.
    Hannibal said...
    @bO18: the link leads to today's issue of alssabah and not the article :(
    BO18 said...
    Thanks Taamarbuuta and xoussef for tha clarifications!
    I knew it was too good to be true:P

    @ Hannibal
    Oeh, I'm sorry. I cant seem to find an archive either on their website.
    It seems that As-sabah is still stuck in the early days of the internet
    Myrtus said...
    LOL I had a feeling that was going to happen, that why I saved a copy of the article. If anyone wants it I'd be happy to email it to you.

    Maybe I'm slow, but I don't quite understand the reason behind the negative responses here. I mean if the whole purpose for the mock wedding is to make a mockery out of the status quo regarding homosexuality in Morocco, then where is the problem? :P

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