Finally a seperate Star Academy for the Maghreb-region!
I was getting fed up with all those contestants from Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan. At a sudden moment they all start to look like each other.
I do hope that more big (Arab) shows come with their own Maghreb-version.
I mean, we áre a little bit different.

Another bit of tv-news is the little uproar in the Netherlands about the decision to replace RTL7 (one of the most boring Dutch tv-channels) in the Amsterdam cable-tv package with Rotana Music.
According to the body responsible for the distribution of cable airtime (or whatever you call it in English), RTL7 is performing very bad in the Amsterdam region. So they decided to replace it with Rotana Music because of the big Arabic speaking population of Amsterdam.
Stupid decision. First of all, there is no big Arabic speaking population in Amsterdam. Unless you count the 1500-strong Egyptian community as big. The biggest community from the MENA are the Moroccans. Most of them speak a Imazighen language or Darija. 2 languages you hardly ever hear on Rotana.
Second of all, every self-respecting Moroccan household has a satellite-dish. So they already receive Rotana.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. I want E! TV or the Fashion Channel. Not Rotana!


  1. xoussef said...
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    xoussef said...
    starac maghreb is boooring, my deception was as big as my expectations.
    first of all, there is no 24/24h channel!!! wtf, all the concept of starac is about the 24 channel!
    then boys are separated (locked up?) from girls at night. realy what dio they fear? that they will turn it at orgy when lights turned down?
    Aand finaly, they completely changed the rules so than even compulsive show freands don't understand anything anymore..
    i am not gonna waste my time watching a boring and prude show just because it is Maghrebi.
    BO18 said...
    You should be a tv-critic:D

    But I still watch mainly because of its Maghrebine flavour.
    That still does it for me!
    xoussef said...
    i should take typing and grammar lessons before :D

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