New princess is born!

M6 and beautiful redhead Lalla Salma just added another member to the royal family.
Yesterday (Wednesday) Princess Salma gave birth to Princess Lalla Khadija!

Oeh I hope she's beautiful. In other words, I dont hope she has the same ears as her father (and grandfather)
But I bet she's beautiful!
Oeh she must be a redhead, please let her be a redhead!

Btw, Myrtus are you a psychic? You reported this 2 weeks ago already! Do you have sources within the royal palaces? If so, can I have their phone number?


  1. Myrtus said...
    ooooh congratulations the lovely couple!

    hahhaaa as a matter yes, I am a little bit psychoic. :P
    And I also have Mr. Azoulay's cell#. Don't ask me how I got it though, my brother will get in trouble for it. You want it? (;
    xoussef said...
    lool! i think only male descendants get the famous Alaouite Ears.
    Now Khadija will be the new name à la mode.
    BO18 said...
    @ Myrtus

    Yes give it to me. It never hurts to stalk politicians and powermongers a bit! ;)

    @ Xoussef

    I certainly hope so. Because one of her aunts has pretty big ears (and she's quite, euhm how do say that politely, obese?

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