Daba (Now)

Through the blog of AbdouKamel I found this interesting site of DABA (Now)

Daba is an organization that aims to make politics interesting for women and youngsters and encourage them to participate.
They aim to break the political scene open for the youth and women, and hope that during the next elections (Sep. 2007) the voting-participation amongst this 2 groups will be higher.

Anyhow, you can read more on their site if you want more and precise information.

It is actually a very good initiative. They seem quite open and approachable. Which is unique in the Moroccan political sphere.
They hope to achieve their goals through an extensive multimedia-campaign and by touring the country.
All the major political parties (incl. the PJD) seem to be their target.

As an armchair-activist I like to criticize but in this particular case I couldn't come up with any criticism. (believe me, that's unique!)
I just hope that they're going to survive.
I know how hard it is for an initiative like this to stay active and "fresh". The old political scene, in almost every country, seems to have a strange dislike for everything thats young and/or female. Resulting in the decay of the organization (especially if you don't have strong backers)

I was wondering if any of you met them? Or saw the tv-ads of Daba?


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