Back to blogging again

Today my best friend went back home.
So I have time to blog again, yeah! (I think)

His stay here in London was the best thing ever happened to me, since I moved here.
We talked, got drunk, talked, walked, got drunk, talked and Starbucks'ed during the last couple of days.
And he made my day with his super-funny fraternity-humour! He is a typical white dutch frat-boy with typical white Dutch frat-humour, read: rude, bit discriminating, cynical and yet educated.

And now I'm homesick.
But that will fade away by next week I guess (pay-week hehe)
And I'll see him again in 2 months time.

Anyhow, I'm back!


  1. xoussef said...
    welcome back ^^ o kaeri nasai ^^ Baruch haba ^^ 3la slama :)
    taamarbuuta said...
    Welcome back!

    p.s. I changed my blog's's now:
    BO18 said...
    @ Xoussef

    O kaeri nasai, is that Japanese?

    @ Taamarbuuta

    Thanks for the update! I changed my bookmarks and stuff

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