National hypocrisy

This week I tried to give up my Moroccan nationality. Without success.

I went to the consulate and the embassy and asked them to "un-nationalise" me. I told them that I threw my moroccan passport and carte nationale away and now I wanted them to completely revoke my Moroccan citizenship.
The personnel gave me weird looks and said that it was impossible to do so. I was Moroccan forever. From the day I was born till the day I die, I'll be a Moroccan.

I said that it was OK, but as a Moroccan citizen, I want to excercise all the rights given to me by the Moroccan constitution.
They said that they can't because Moroccan law doesn't allow me to excercise my rights.

Of course I got pretty mad and explained them that every country that cares about it citizens, especially the ones keeping the country from falling into extreme poverty, allowed them all their rights.
I told them that what they're doing now was humiliating and actually a form of national imprisonment.

I hissed that they were hypocrites and left.

More details and longer post later.


  1. tsedek said...
    does it bother in day-to-day life that you got an additional nationality?
    xoussef said...
    why? is it because of the Electoral Law?
    BO18 said...
    @ Tsedek

    I tried to answer your question in the follow-up post ;)

    @ Xoussef

    Yep, exactly. I think we're being treated as second-class citizens. And it kind of pisses me off a bit.
    Btw, nice picture!

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