Morocco, make us proud

It is about to happen!
Morocco is getting closer to the abolition of the death penalty.

Before the end of April, Morocco will join the civilized world at last!

But let me correct something.
Morocco isn't the first Arab country to do so. I thought it was but I did a little check on that and it turned out not to be true.
If we consider all the states of the Arab League to be Arab nations, than Morocco is the 2nd Arab nation to abolish the death penalty.
Djibouti, also a member of the Arab League, beat us to it in 1995!

But that doesn't matter. It's not a competition, right?

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  1. My Marrakech said...
    I hope it happens really....! No one has actually been executed in Morocco for many years. But it could happen and there are over a hundred Moroccans languishing on death row.

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