Moon over Morocco (Podcast)

Starting next Thursday (March 1) an old radioshow will be broadcasted again (from the ZBS foundation) called Moon over Morocco, a Jack Flanders tale.

As you kind of guessed, the story is situated in Morocco. Jack Flanders travels to Morocco in search of natural magic and en route discovers the sounds and culture of Morocco (and more but you just have to listen)
One of my teachers had the cd's and forced us to listen to the whole story. I thought it was actually quite nice. But my teacher thought otherwise, according to her it was another example of "how we westerners have a distorted view of North Africa".
I think she never knew of the existence of pop-culture or "hippie-culture".

Anyhow, the sounds are very nice. And according to BoingBoing the music was recorded by the legendary Paul Bowles! I didn't know that, so an extra incentive to listen.

Anyhow it will be available as podcast. The first show is on the 1st of March. And then everyday, 7 weeks long.
The podcast will be available here

(via BoingBoing)

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  1. M-ly said...
    You know that every podcast is oonly available for 3 days?
    Too bad actually

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