Iraqi gays still hunted down

Apparently, Iraqi gays are still being murdered by murderous wacko-islamic radicals.

And according to Ali Hili, leader of an Iraqi gay-rights group, some ministers of the Iraqi government are "colluding with death squads responsible for the “sexual cleansing” of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) Iraqis"

We constantly hear about Iraqi Christians, Sunnis and Shia being massacred by wacko-islamic radicals. But what about the homosexuals? How come they're invisible in the eyes of the Western and Arab media?
Ali Hili states that these death-squads from the Sadr and Badr militias know what they're doing. They target not only "normal" homosexuals but also LGBT-activists that report homophobic incidents. The abduction of 5 activists is an example of this.
The United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq recently stated that there were organised campaigns to slaughter gays in Iraq.

The Iraqi government criticized the report stating that Iraq simply can't give basic human rights to homosexuals simply because it's Iraq.
Apparently, the Iraqi government believes that not killing gays equals giving them the right to marry.

And the worst thing is that the UK and US government refuse to give Iraqi gays asylum on grounds of persecution.
So far, for having the moral high ground.


  1. taamarbuuta said...
    The U.S. is thisclose to persecuting their own homosexual community; how on earth can they protect the world's gay community as well? What about Europe, where's their responsibility in this?
    BO18 said...
    Yeah you made a point there with the US.

    On this matter, much of Europe has failed miserably.
    Sweden, Belgium, Italy and 2 or 3 other countries do accept gay iraqi-refugees ( or just gay-refugees)

    But most countries just send them back.
    The previous government in Holland decided that it was safe for gays to go back to Iran! How deluded is that! Same goes for christian converts.
    The reason behind this was that if they just kept it secret they wouldn't get prosecuted.

    But Sweden recently urged other EU-countries to take in more Iraqi refugees and I hope that some countries will change their position on Iraqi gay-refugees.

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