Holiday to virtual Morocco

No need paying big bucks to board an airplane to Morocco.
Just install Secondlife and visit Casablanca/Morocco.

Secondlife, a virtual world, is addictive. So beware.
Virtual Morocco was build by students from the Johnson-Wales University and the Moroccan ministry of tourism.

Here are some impressions, can you spot the differences between virtual and real?


  1. taamarbuuta said...
    I went to the open house the night they showed off the Casablanca SL. I got stuck flying around the minaret of the Hassan II but otherwise had a great time - actually, I could figure out how to dress my character at first (it was my first time using the program), so I was walking around with only a tarboush on. Pretty hot.
    BO18 said...
    Hahaha, seriously only a tarboush?
    You didn't get harassed by the virtual PJD?:P

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