If you have internet (duh) you've probably read something about Conservapedia, the new conservative Wikipedia-like encyclopedia.
It was founded as an alternative to the liberal, America-hating, atheist Wikipedia.

Nothing wrong with that, right? I mean conservative, bible-belt, religious nutjobs have internet as well and want their own little bubble on the internet. Just like in the real world.
Because it's so conservative and biased, it makes fun reading! Seriously, go make yourself some nice cocktail (or just coke if you don't drink), get popcorn and enjoy! I did!

But be aware of entries like this:

Besides 6 million Jews dying, 3 million Christians were killed also along with many priests and nuns. This is a very touchy subject for the Jews and is not often discussed amongst them.

they might leave you in a permanent state of shock.


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