And we have another Muslim-controversy in the UK. Yeah!
This time it is a "non-asian muslim" female police officer who refused to shake hands with Sir Ian Blair, Metropolitan Police Commissioner.

The reason? She is a female muslim and he is a man. Sir Ian Blair attended the graduation of the muslim woman's class.
Sir Blair got an early notice that he shouldnt shake hands with the police officer. This made him mad but he didn't want to create a scene on the spot.

The police officer in question explained that she doesn't shake hands with man during social events (the graduation) but that she will touch men during her work.
She attended physical contact classes and nothing went wrong.
She will arrest men and beat them up if necessary (muslim women can be brutal police officers as well you know. Because of something called feminism)

This is ofcourse another bad publicity stunt for the UK muslim community ( I still have to figure out if I'm part of that community)
It will emphasize the "strangeness" of this community in the eyes of the British underbellies.

Ofcourse, as an ultra-liberal, I'm all pro-"do what you want in your private life".
And because of the fact that the police officer in question said that she will touch and handle men during work-time, there shouldn't be any problem.
But that would be in a perfect world.
At the moment it is a problem because of the tensions between the different communities in the UK and between the police force and the muslim community.
So it is a problem. If you want it or not.

She should have shaken hands with her boss. Just for the sake of publicity and because of the existing tensions.
It is weird to ask somebody to change her values she enforces in her private life because of public tensions.
But anyhow, this is how it works now. We came to a point whereby a community has to adapt in strange ways to satisfy another community.

So shake hands with non-muslim guys and don't shake hands with muslim guys, if you want to ofcourse.


  1. Myrtus said...
    BO as I understand it, shaking hands with her superior was a situation directly related to a certain aspect of her job. It's not like she went to a party where her boss just happened to be there and wanted to shake her hand. This is a work related issue as I see it.
    Her motives are dubious to say the least.
    BO18 said...
    Mmm I think thats where I disagree with you.
    As far as I know this ceremony wasn't obligatory (thats what I heard on tv)
    So therefore I dont really consider it as part of the job.

    But if the ceremony wasn't obligatory then her motives to show up are indeed dubious.
    She could have stayed away and preventing causing a scene like this one

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