Don't you ever mess with anti-war protesters. Usually they're smarter then you.
Not always but usually.

Take Brian Haw for instance. The UK's most famous anti-war protester. He has been "protesting" in front of the Parliament for 6 years now.

Recently his massive 40m display was reduced to a mere 3m display with anti-war placards.
Every time I walk by, I keep on thinking that he is defeated by the government. (the placards are tiny and silly. Hilarious actually)

Not anymore now. Tate Britain came to the rescue and an exact replica of the 40m. display is now exhibited as art in the museum. And it is all legal.
According to some freakish law, people are not allowed to have unauthorised demonstrations or raise placards within 1km distance of the Parliament.
The exact spot where the replica is situated, is also the border of that 1km zone.

I told you they were smart!


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