The UK is spellbound by the alleged racism on Celebrity Big Brother (CBB)
CBB is a show were minor "celebs" can regain their old 5 minutes of fame.
It is raunchy, stupid and uninteresting. Usually.

Because now, all of the UK wonders if 3 of the contestants are racist or not.
The 3 are Jade Goody (fat cow that participated in BB3), Danielle Loyd (who?) and Jo O'meara (who again?)
The person being "racially attacked" is Bollywood-star Shilpa Shetty.

The 3 minor "celebs" constantly make fun of Shilpa's Indian background, her accent and the Indian culture.
Some of the comments:
O'Meara: "Indians are thin because they are always ill, due to undercooked food."
Danielle Lloyd: "don't let her touch your food. You never know where her hands have been, because all Indians eat with their hands"
Lloyd: "She's a dog"

And she has been called Paki, a presumably offensive word in the UK.
The mother of Jade (who has been voted out of the house) constantly referred to Shilpa as "the Indian"
Shilpa was also accused of wanting to be "light-skinned" when she was just applying some face-cream.

Jade Goody is famous because of her BB3-appearance and her stupidity. She thinks that East-Anglia is an actual country. Tactical is being pronounced as tictactical.
She wonders if they speak English in the USA.
And more famous quotes:

"Do they speak Portuganese in Portugal? I thought Portugal was in Spain."
"Rio de Janeiro, ain't that a person?"
"What's asparagus? Do you grow it?"

The other 2 aren't really bright as well.
So is it really racism or just stupidity combined with ignorance?
I think its just ignorance. You cant take Jade Goody seriously. I wonder if she even knows what the word racism means. (a city in Finland?)

In the meantime, the whole situation is turned into a diplomatic row.
Blair's heir, Gordon Brown, is on a visit in India. Indian politicians keep on asking him questions about the situation.
Meanwhile, the biggest sponsor of CBB, Carphone Warehouse, has officially suspended its sponsorship.
Jade Goody's perfume-line has been withdrawn from the shops.
And Channel4 (which broadcasts the show) has seen a tremendous increase in its audience figures.

Tomorrow is the big finale. Both Shilpa and Jade are nominated to be evicted. And according to the bookies, it is Jade who is gonna leave CBB

To add some visuals:

Jade vs. Shilpa


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