I have been tagged!

Myrtus tagged me today (or was it yesterday?), to tell 5 anecdotes about myself.

Since this is one of my first posts, I thought it would be a good introduction.
So here we go :)

Anecdote number 1:

Mmmm, let me think. This could be embarassing you know. Anyhow.
I have these strange dreams, the only dreams I can remember actually.
I keep on dreaming that I'm having a nose-job. It sounds really weird I know but I think there is an explanation.
I was always very insecure about my nose. Its big and its there. Since my 18th I always wanted to have a nosejob. I honestly believed that having a nosejob would improve my life and my career *ahum*
I actually went to a clinic and talked about it. The face-molestor was ofcourse very excited and almost convinced me that I should have an operation. I kind of played along.
But when I went back home I realized that having a nosejob wasnt something for me.
I kind of saw it as losing, being a loser. You dont run away from your problems and you dont run away from your insecurities. You just have to cope with them.
Et voila, I still have my precious, big nose.

Anecdote 2:

I voted conservative once. Yes, I know I should be ashamed of myself. Bad BO, bad BO!
Conservative, as in Dutch conservative. That means VVD. The so-called liberals. They are pro-euthanasia, pro-gaymarriage etc. But very conservative on immigration issues and that kind of caca.
I was convinced that they were the party that I should support. Maybe it had something to do with my identity-crisis. I kind of believed back then that I was more Dutch than arab(moroccan). And that I should support them since they were anti radical islam.
But after the elections I found out that I'm not Dutch nor Moroccan. I'm just me. I'm everything. And I'm a true liberal not a VVD-liberal.
So I was very lucky when the government fell (again), and I finally voted for a party that was representing most of my beliefs.

Anecdote 3:

Oeh this one is kind of nasty. I have tricked men into meeting me in Casablanca. Hehehe.
Well I was on a holiday there and I needed some fun.
So I went out, to the local bars and clubs and went hunting. And I thought it would be fun if I made dates with them, all on the same time. And boy were they cute! But I didnt feel like dating them cuz its always the same story with a lot of moroccan guys (not all of them ofcourse).
When they find out that you're from algaridj (foreign country) they'll harass you for adresses where they can "stay for a holiday". Yeah sure.
So I had 5 dates after almaghrib (a prayer time) at the Twin Center. I didnt bother to even check if they were there. I was to busy binge-drinking on the beach.
And I think that they didnt show up anyhow or showed up Moroccan time. (which means that they were 3 hours late)
So no harm done I hope. I just need to do this from time to time. I know very wrong, but kind of fun.

Anecdote 4:

Sometimes I can be very, very prejudiced. I think we all are a bit.
And it is kind of scary. I mean its based on shit. Right?
It is actually very wrong and ignorant when I walk down a street and check my pockets everytime I group of ethnic youngsters walk by. I mean, I'm an ethnic youngster myself! How weird can it get!?
A while ago I read a column in a British newspaper where the columnist described the exact same situation.
He declared that he turned into a suburbian, middle class guy. And that that explains why he is so prejudiced from time to time.
I kind of understand that. But I dont want to be a suburbia boy. I'm not ready for hell yet.

Anecdote 5:

I once stole books from a bookshop. And I didnt get caught. How cool is that?!
Stealing is a "sin" and its bad. But I want to try everything once (hence my drug-experimenting)
I never stole a candy or a cookie when I was still a kid. I knew that my mother would go nuts and call the whole family to complain and worry that I would end up a gangster or something like that. So stealing was a big no-no.
But this time I had to do it. But it were good books, so I got something out of it. I stole Caesar's Gallic Wars and a Naguib Mahfouz book.
I still have them but I cant look at them. I read them though, but everytime I look at them I slap myself for stealing.
Silly me.

Now I know I should tag 5 other people. But I dont know who. So give me time to think ( in normal english that means: I'm never gonna tag anyone)


  1. Myrtus said...
    hahaha you're so funny! You nosejob story had me headed straight to the gutter, but had to stop myself not knowing how sensitive you are if at all.

    "I kind of believed back then that I was more Dutch than arab(moroccan)."

    I went through a similar process too when I was a teenager...till my older brother sat me down to have a talk to me. One thing he said to me left an impression that I would never forget. He said: Stop thinking that you're trapped between two cultures, you second generation (Moroccans) are so pathetic, constantly feeling sorry for yourselves. You need to change your thinking to "I live WITH two cultures", accept yourself for who you are and embrace what every culture has to offer, only then will you feel untrapped.

    BTW BO up till now, I had no idea you were Moroccan, I honestly thought you were from Lebanon.
    Thanks for sharing that little bit about yourself. :D
    BO18 said...
    Your brother is completely right.
    I tell something like that to other people as well.
    "We vallen niet tussen wal en schip maar we bevinden ons op beide"

    Everybody starts to laugh when I tell them my nosejob-story:P
    I dont mind though, I think of it as an asset.;)

    Lebanese? Oh thanks! Thats the biggest compliment ever.
    But "unfortunately" I'm moroccan. Tetouan rules:P (although I didnt visit Morocco for years)

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