According to the news-site Magharebia the Moroccan government is tightening its control on the mosques in the country.

They introduced a new law that regulates the building and expansions of mosques. This to prevent extremism from gaining a foothold in the country's places of worship.
Besides the mosques, the law will also regulate the zawiyas and other places of prayer.
The law regulates the cash-flow of the mosques and, very strange, also the architecture.

The islamist reli-mongers, also known as PJD, are criticizing the law because it would frighten the benefactors of the mosques. (DUH, you reli-mongers thats the whole point of the law. Benevolent benefactors wont be scared away and the extremist will hesitate)

I just wonder who the extremist are in the eyes of the government? Do they count Saudi wahhabis as extremist as well? Or are those people still welcome?
I certainly hope not. The law would be useless if we didn't scare those Saudis away.

It is a risky step of the government, tightening its control of the mosques.
How will this translate to the streets , as another attack on the poor muslims?


  1. myrtus said...
    That's great news! Finally!

    It's starting to look like mosques will be facing extinction pretty soon. I don't know if you heard the news in Holland lately, but there seems to be a growing shortage for imams lately. I guess Rita Verdonk's tight policies are finally taking effect on Muslim extremism....imams are fleeing by bunches.

    And how about this bizarre incident?

    Idioten zat!
    BO18 said...
    Well, I dont hope that they will face extinction soon.
    I kind of like the architecture:P

    But I heard about that comedian a couple of days ago.
    My best friend happens to know him (he is a uni-comedian as well)

    But the mosque later debunked that message, saying that the Folia-journalists interviewed somebody who isn't affiliated with the mosque.

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