Good example of propaganda

We all know what is happening in Lebanon right now, right?
The pro-western, democratic government is being attacked by the Hezbollah reli-mongers and Christian ex-warlord Michel Aoun.

And of course both sides use their own media to discredit each other.
But the following example has to be the worst and most stupid example of propganda ever.
See for yourself: The Dirty Propaganda War


  1. AbMoul said...
    your argumentation is so simplistic. May I correct some of your informations?
    Aoun was never a war-lord. He was the head of the lebanese army, and the interim president bloodely fighted by syria with the american and israeli permission.
    Within what u call democratic gouvernment i'ill cite two democratic figures: Walid Joumblatt, a real war-lord this one responsible of the massacre of dozen thousands of christians on what's called "the war of the mountain". he's also wll knowen for his feodalism and heavy corruption.
    Samir Jaja, a christian is a bloody war-lord and the head of the far right-wing militia of FL. Among other massacres he's responsible of the massacre of the Sabra and Chatilla..
    About democratic and ellected gouvernment, the hamas gouvernment was elected in what's called the first real democratic elections of the arab world. I wonder why everybody is trying to drow them up??
    You see, politics is far less manicheistic than u think..
    BO18 said...
    Lets correct you again.

    Michel Aoun wás a warlord. The fact that you're head of a nearlyt defunct army doesnt mean that you aren't a warlord.
    Michel Aoun, controlled only about 40% of the army and with that part he had his own militia to fight the other part of the army and other militias.

    I never said that the democratically elected government was without warlords. But this prime minister is one of the few politicians without blood on his hands.
    By the way, its LF not FL

    Why do you bring up Palestine?
    Is it that hard to discuss the issues in Lebanon without bringing up Palestine?
    The last time I checked, this besieged government was in Lebanon, elected by Lebanese and governed in Lebanon. Not palestine.
    So tell me, why Palestine?
    AbMoul said...
    It was to give you an example of yhe western hypocrisy. Democracy is good as long as you elect people that we like and are not against our interest. You may know also that political issues in Palestine and Lebanon are intimitly linked. If there's no peace in Lebanon, there'll be no peace in palestine and vice versa.
    Aoun was nominated as head of the government by Amine Jemayel where it was impossible to hold presidential elections. And he was fighted by almost everybody (supported by Irak which lost him), mainly by Syria which he's ironically now accused to support.
    Fl= Forces libanaises (i think in french -or may be arabic or berber- and try to write in english!!
    Seniora, asceticc democrat is responsible as minister of economy of the abyssal debt of the country. And the sunnis didn't have a consistent militia in the civil war because there was the palestinians who were dying for them. I hate this sectarist categorisation. But it's a matter of fact that there're the democratic forces who are now using it..
    BO18 said...
    I dont think you're example about western hypocrisy is really that good.
    Hezbollah was part of the Lebanese government (till they themselves decided to step down), and the American government still did business with that same government.

    You're link between Palestine and Lebanon is of course ridiculous.
    Lebanon's case is linked with Israel, but not through Palestine. Its linked through Syria and Hezbollah.

    You clearly dont know how the Lebanese government works.
    The appointment of Michel Aoun as prime minister (not president) was illegal. The post of prime minister is reserved for Sunni muslims, not Maronite christians.
    So it was kind of obvious and logical that his appointment would be met by resistance from other parties and factions.
    The civilian government, that of prime minister Selim Al Hoss, was the legal government.
    You have to be really naive to not see the fact that Michel Aoun is aiming for the presidency and that he's willing to do everything to get that post. Thats why he's so stupid, or appears to be so stupid.
    He's been a powermonger from the start of his career.

    In order for Lebanon to turn in a democratic force, they have to work they way through sectarianism. They cant simply abolish the current system. Mayhem would be the result.

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