God or Allah?

At Aqoul there is an interesting discussion going on for a while.
Something thats been bothering me for years.

The hot topic is; Why dont we translate Allah to God? Why do western media and western muslim keep on using the word Allah instead of God? God is a perfect substitute and translation for the word Allah.

This is something I totally agree with. I never mention the word Allah, except for discussions in (Moroccan)-Arabic. But besides those discussion its always God. This confuses some (non)-muslim westerners who honestly believe that God isn't Allah and that Allah isn't God.
They say God is christian and Allah is muslim. Besides the stupidity of an argument like that, its also incorrect.
Arab Christians worship Allah. I have an arabic Bible where the word Allah is regularly used.
And if God is supposedly Christian, why don't we speak of Jahweh/JHWH if we're talking about Judaism?

Anyhow, more reading at Aqoul. Some comments are really bitchy and funny.
The Guardian picked it up as well


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